This special issue is dedicated to innovative and sustainable technologies applied to food extraction and processing, with particular focus on their role for feedstock and by-products process intensification.

Guest editors:

Giorgio Grillo – University of Turin, Italy –

Manuela Panić – University of Zagreb, Croatia –

Special issue information:

In recent decades, emerging technologies have been captivating food-related specialists, peculiarly concerning the field of extraction and processing of food feedstocks and by-products. The successful implementation of these technologies as a green and sustainable intensification strategy, could pave the way to ground-breaking innovation in food manufacturing, engineering and production. This Special Issue aims to collect the most recent advances in the exploitation of rising technologies, designed to enhance processing features and to recover valuable bioactives. This theme represents a hot topic for researchers, industries, and food-related sectors to further unfold and evolve green techniques application.

We invite the submission of original research and review manuscripts with a broad spectrum of technological applications and solutions in food processing and extraction. Pre-treatments and downstream are included as well in the process intensification strategy. Starting materials could encompass raw feedstocks or by-products and residues.

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